Sony, as the inventor of the Blu-ray disc format, has a large stable of consumer and "ES" series players. The model I have, the BDP-S360 , is no longer the current model but it is still widely available for a really good price. If you can get it you'll be happy with it If you want to go to the newest models available you have three choices in the consumer grade line. These options are:

BDP-S370 BDP-S470 BDP-S570

The BDP-S370 is the direct descendent of the BDP-S360. It has the same features with one notable addition, the same Internet video capability that the XBR televisions have. This means that even if you team this Blu-ray player with a non-Internet connected TV you will still be able to watch streaming video such as Netflix. The BDP-S470 player takes the features of the BDP-S370 and adds support for Sony's new ED Blu-ray Disc format. Finally, the BDP-S570 takes the features of the BDP-S470 and adds built in Wi-Fi Internet capability.

This is one place where my recommendation needs to carry some caveats. First, the price between the non-3D and 3D capable players is very small, only about $20. Although there is no guarantee that Sony's 3D format will become the standard, it is likely since they are the driving force behind Blu-ray. $20 is a small price to future proof your player. Next, keep in mind that Blu-ray is heavily Internet enabled. To get the most out of a player you have to have an Internet connection for the player. If you can get an Ethernet wired connection to your home theater then you won't need the Wi-Fi capable model.

If you have an Internet connection where your home theater system is located then I recommend going with the BDP-S470. If you need to use wireless Internet access from your home theater then I recommend going with the BDP-S570.

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